From cherry tomatoes, herbs, leafy greens, peppers & more!

The Nutritower grows an astounding variety of produce that'll make your meals irresistible.



Drunken Woman Organic

Drunken Woman is one of the last lettuces to bolt in summer, and she'll last in cool autumn weather, too. Gorgeous in the garden and on the plate, the leaves are crisp and flavourful.

Romaine Winter Density Certified Organic

Winter Density romaine lettuce seeds are really a butterhead/romaine cross. The heavy, compact, and extra-dark green heads stand about 20cm (8") tall and display upright but tender leaves.

Rouge d’Hiver

Rouge d'Hiver lettuce seeds are a favourite for market gardeners and home gardeners alike. Superb flavour and unusual ability to stand up to whatever the weather throws its way.

Iceberg Dillon Organic

This small, compact iceberg as tasty, crisp, refreshing dark outer leaves, and a creamy green interior. Its iceberg-type heads are well filled and dense. It handles heat and sun well, so it’s good for late summer production.

Arroyo Organic

Arroyo Organic lettuce is one of the most upright of all the romaines, with a V-shaped base. This makes it one of the best choices for producing blanched hearts-of-romaine. It also comes with an incredible disease resistance package, making it a top choice for spring and fall romaine production.

Ilema Organic

Ilema's curly leaves qualify it as a "lollo bionda" type lettuce. It's impressively voluminous with substantial weight and fast growth.

Grand Rapids TBR

Grand Rapids TBR Looseleaf lettuce seeds produce a large, upright rosette of thick, juicy, light-green, frilly leaves and a blanched center.

Super Gourmet Salad Blend

Super Gourmet Salad Blend combines five very popular lettuce varieties in equal quantities. Even as seedlings, their appearance is quite different and they can be easily thinned to your chosen proportions in the row.

Jester Organic

Crisp and juicy as an apple, perfectly proportioned for a plate or sandwich, Jester has flashy red speckles on semi-savoyed leaves.

Parris Island Cos

Flavourful pale centres are surrounded by thick green outer leaves on enormous upright plants. Parris Island Cos romaine lettuce seeds can be planted close together for a long harvest of little leaves for gourmet salads.


Pretty enough for the flower garden, this wonderful and richly flavoured heirloom variety has wide stalks and veins that are bright scarlet red and deeply crumpled leaves that are rich dark green. Cook the stalks as you would asparagus and the leaves as you would spinach, or enjoy both raw in salads.

Red ursa Kale

Red Ursa kale combines the broadleaf frills of Siberian with the rich colour of Red Russian. Great raw flavour for salads, especially the young leaves of fully grown plants.

Astro Arugula

Astro organic arugula seeds produce a plant with leaves that are less lobed and more strap-like. It has a milder flavour than regular arugula.

Blushed Butter Oak

Blushed Butter Oak Organic lettuce seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Delicate, highly sculpted oak leaves form a bronze halo around a loosely packed buttery heart of tender, delicious, slightly blanched inner leaves.

Pomegranate Crunch

This petite lettuce is like a cross between a romaine and a butterhead, with small, dense heads with cherry red leaves and light green hearts with a splash of red.

Pak Choi

lso known as Shanghai Pac Choi, this is a beautiful little vase-shaped plant. This early baby pac choi is mild and tender with medium-green leaves on pale-green, spoon-shaped stalks (petioles).


Yu Tsai Sum is a type of choi sum. This summer crop is also known as Yu Choi. Grown for tender flower bud stalks (yellow flowers) and glossy, bright green leaves, it is mild and sweet when cooked briefly.

True Watercress

True Watercress seeds produce a perennial cress that is rich in vitamins and has a delicious, distinctive taste for salads and vegetarian dishes. Little, dark-green leaves grow on crisp stems that come from thick, long roots.




Rosemary has stiff stems with crisp, fir-like leaves and a strong, rich aroma. Dried leaves release more flavour if freshly crushed.

Dwarf basil Emily organic

Emily is a fantastic new dwarf basil, a compact Genovese variety that works particularly well in the Nutritower. This basil was bred to have shorter stem lengths between nodes, and only reaches a maximum height of 30cm (12").

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil seeds produce vigorous plants that grow big, mid-green leaves all year long.

Genovese Organic Basil

Genovese organic basil seeds are the very best Italian pesto variety of basil. This is the traditional Italian heirloom variety of basil.

Lettuce Leaf Basil

Lettuce Leaf basil seeds produce very large, bright, puckered green leaves with a glorious aroma.

Siam Queen Thai Basil

Siam Queen Thai basil seeds are the authentic heirloom basil variety that is native to southeast Asia. Known as horapha in Thai, and húng quế in Vietnamese.


Sow chive seeds at any time of year. Hardy, perennial, and easy to grow, the chopped stems and pink flowers add a fresh, mild green onion flavour to sandwiches, salads and baked potatoes.

Garlic Chives

This flat-leaf variety of Garlic Chives seeds has a strong garlic flavour and aroma. The white flowers and stalks are used (only a small amount is needed), to add the pungent taste of garlic to salads, vegetables, dumplings, and stir-fries.


Regular cilantro seeds, or coriander as they are sometimes called, are actually little nutlets containing more than one true seed. Monogerm seeds have been split by the grower for more precise seeding, either in trays or direct in the field or the Nutritower.


Compared to peppermint, spearmint has a less aggressive flavour that has fruity undertones. This mint is easy to grow, and it's fast, too. In boggy settings it can spread by underground rhizome, but this is easy to control by growing it in the Nutritower.

Lemon Balm

Plant lemon balm seeds and rub the light green leaves for a sudden hit of lemon scent. Use in bouquets to lemon scent a room or brew an invigorating medicinal tea.


Finally, a dill variety for the patio herb garden! Ella is a dwarf dill bred for container and hydroponic growing.

Mandarina Orange Balm

This special cultivar of conventional lemon balm has been selected for its distinctive and pronounced orange scent. Mandarina Orange Balm grows with a trailing habit, so it makes a beautiful "spiller" in hanging baskets in raised garden beds and the Nutritower.


Grow this distinctly orange-scented thyme in hanging baskets or rock gardens and it will cascade over the edge. Its trailing nature makes it a prime candidate for ground cover, and established plants can even stand up to light foot traffic.

Greek Oregano

Greek oregano seeds offer the best, most pungently flavoured oregano leaves for cooking. Plants are very hardy when established and impart a wonderful wild mountain aroma in the garden with their tiny white or pink flowers.


Green Perilla shiso seeds make a wonderful addition to any herb garden. This profoundly flavourful culinary herb is used across south and east Asia, and has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

White Sage

White Sage seeds, known as Buffalo Sage and Bee Sage, this is the sacred sage that is bundled and burned as smudge to purify places and things. This native of southwestern US and northern Mexico requires full sun, very little water, and good air circulation.


A delicate parsley-like plant with a hint of licorice aroma, its delicate flavour disappears in cooking so add it just prior to serving or add raw leaves fresh to salads

Organic german Chamomile

Matricaria recutita. Organic German Chamomile Seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC petite daisy-like flowers that nod on a low plant.

Sweet marjoram

Sweet Marjoram is a key ingredient in many Mediterranean dishes adding a similar flavour to oregano, but more delicate. This pale green, bushy plant will spread readily if the tops are pinched out when young.