Tomato and Basil Seed Pack


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A variety of Tomato and Basil seeds that are specifically chosen for best results in the Nutritower.

We've selected three different basil types and three different cherry tomato types that do very well in the Nutritower.

Seeds from Quebec based company Les Jardins Écoumène.

  • Thai basil
  • Holy Basil
  • Purple Basil
  • Red Robin Red Robin
  • Tiny Tim Cocktail Tomato
  • Orange Hat Cherry Tomato
Purple basil - Organic

This basil is very popular because of its beautiful dark purple leaves and the ginger-tinged flavor of its leaves. It is used as a garnish for a wide variety of cooked dishes and is excellent for flavoring vinegars. The beautiful pale purple flowers that bloom at the end of the dark purple stems make charming cut flowers. The plant reaches between 20 and 25 cm in height.

Number of days to harvest: 65

Holy basil - Organic

Native to Thailand, this variety represents for the Hindus, who call it tulsi, a royal herb dedicated to the gods. Also in India, it was used as a disinfectant wherever malaria was rampant. Its dark purple stems bear toothed leaves that are a mixture of olive green and purple. Both the foliage and the purplish-pink flowers exude a penetrating fragrance. It is a very popular basil in Thai cuisine. Height of 45 cm.

Number of days to harvest: 75

Thai Basil - Organic

As its name suggests, this species of basil grows naturally in Southeast Asia.

It is distinguished by its elongated, pointed, medium-green leaves, borne on very dark wine-red stems that end in spikes of purple-pink flowers. These leaves have a spicy flavor reminiscent of tarragon, aniseed and even nails.

Very popular in Thai cuisine, it spices up soups, stir-fries and spicy dishes. It produces particularly well in hot weather and in containers, but it should not then lack water.

Number of days to harvest: 65

Tiny Tim Tomato - Organic

The old tomato 'Tiny Tim' is ideal for container growing. It produces a compact, bushy plant 20-40 cm high by about 30 cm wide. These delicious, firm, round red tomatoes are only 2-4 cm in diameter. Germination is excellent and the fruits are ripe 55 days after transplanting to the garden. This variety developed by the Horticulture Department of the University of New Hampshire in Durham, USA, was introduced in 1945. Port determined.

Number of days to harvest: 55

Red Robin Tomato - Organic

An exclusive : the Red Robin tomato, lineage of Martin Lejardinier 

Les Jardins de l'écoumène are pleased to announce that it is now possible to purchase a line of the Red Robin tomato exclusively on its online store. 

About ten years ago, Martin Lejardinier, well known for his numerous YouTube capsules on indoor gardening, purchased Red Robin tomato seeds in Peru. According to sources, this variety originated in England or the United States, but it is known to have been cultivated in the 19th century. Since then, by choosing the most compact and productive plants, he obtained the Red Robin tomato, the line of Martin Lejardinier. The stability of the cross makes it an open pollinated cultivar. 

This compact and determined variety is no more than 30 cm high and wide, and it produces many scarlet cherry tomatoes. The juicy, thin-skinned fruits have a sweet and tangy taste. 

This variety has always been grown indoors and is therefore particularly suited to these conditions. However, it is possible to grow it outside. 

Very resistant to diseases, this tomato tolerates difficult growing conditions and does not require much care. 

 Because of its ease of cultivation, it is also a must for beginners in indoor gardening. 

 Outdoors, the Red Robin tomato, a Martin Lejardinier line, prefers pots or window boxes. In the open ground, its small size must be taken into account in the layout of the vegetable garden. 

This plant is cultivated in a pot of 15 to 30 cm of diameter. Pots of 23 cm in diameter containing 3 to 4 liters of potting soil are ideal if one does not want to water too often. Harvest time is 70 to 90 days depending on growing conditions. 

Orange Hat Tomato - organic

This cute little variety produces small orange fruits on extra dwarf bushy plants that reach just 6-9 inches in height. Despite her small stature, her plants are very prolific, offering oodles of cherry tomatoes that burst with a fruity flavour. Perfect for a container on the deck or indoors on the window ledge, a plant will comfortably fit in a 6 inch pot, though a bigger pot will produce better plants with more fruit. Determinate. 65 days to maturity.