We first heard of Brianna Humphrey when she left an awesome comment in one of our ads. We decided to reach out and ask her a few questions.

Brianna's comment

"I keep one in the basement of my restaurant and it grows all our herbs and four pots of continuous kale. It has drastically cut our herb cost (as long as you keep it seeded, we reseed continually). It honestly works great, I seriously wish I had two. The equipment is a great price for the fact that it is an all inclusive deal that even comes with a great quality of seed from West Coast Seeds. Aside from putting it together that is all the work needed."

What is Radical Gardens?

"We're a farm to table restaurant, bakery, caterer and food truck and we also own and operate our own organic farm that is largely growing mushrooms currently. I am the owner and creator as well as the executive Chef. We are currently a 16 time award winning company. You can see a small Documentary about us."

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What is your mission?

"Our mission has been to find Northeastern Ontario's Terroir as this area has largely no culinary identity and we reside in a heavy clay end of the boreal forest (greater Cochrane clay belt) which makes farming rather interesting. We have also made it our mission to just make delicious food with an ever changing menu of items." 

How long have you been gardening?

"I have been gardening for as long as I have been able to walk. I grew up in a greenhouse and helped my family grow flowers."

Since when do you have a Nutritower and why did you buy one?

"We have had our tower for a little over a year. Fresh herbs in the North are hard to come by all year round. Unless our farm grows them (and since the pandemic I haven't been farming to reduce the workload since we reduced our staff) we have very little access to affordable, actually good tasting herbs." 

"It's easy to use. Probably the simplest thing I have ever gardened in."

How has it benefited your business?

We were bringing in herbs that were honestly just awful and tasteless and it was creating a lot of waste. Now we clip as we go and seed/cook according to harvests (honestly we need another one pretty badly). Meaning we will seed 8 pots of Cilantro and wait for harvest to create a dish that cull's it all and then we reseed. We keep half growing continually seeded herbs for the daily soups and smaller things. I have seen a noticeable reduction in our herb food cost.  

This is a great product! We saw very little increase in our hydro and it is a no hassle way to keep fresh herbs growing in your business. 

Next time you're in Timmins Ontario make sure to visit Brianna at Radical Gardens


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