Nutritower Vertical Hydroponic Garden
Nutritower Vertical Hydroponic Garden

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Growers Group Testimonials

  • Having fresh lettuce tomatoes chard herbs and peppers etc at your fingertips, I love how the Nutritower keeps me learning new things and experimenting with different plants and approaches for growing and maintaining. It’s a very pleasant hobby and definitely conversation piece when people come to visit as I have mine right in the kitchen.
  • It brings me so much joy every day since the first day it arrived.
  • I love watching the progress as well as having fresh produce at my fingertips! I find it super relaxing too! It’s not only healthy for the body….it’s good for my mood too
  • I love being able to reach over and snack on fresh lettuce, or cut some chives or green onions for a garnish or pick some mint any old time of year and have a fresh mint tea.
  • Susan L
  • Audrey B
  • Jennifer M
  • Joy M

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