What is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants without soil. In hydroponic gardening, the water does the work—in this case, the work of delivering nutrients to the plant roots. In order to grow, plants need water, light, carbon dioxide (usually from air circulation), and nutrients.

The Nutritower is an Vertical Hydroponic Gardening System that uses a drip irrigation method and center column lighting.

Vertical hydroponics works by using conventional hydroponic techniques in a vertical, gravity fed system. Vertical farming can grow significantly more food in the same amount of space.

Nutritower Growers Group

What is a Hydroponic Drip System

A drip system is an active hydroponic system. This means that it uses a pump to feed your plants with nutrients and water regularly. As the name suggests, the system uses small emitters to drip the nutrient solution directly onto your plants. In our case, the tubes connecting the pots fulfill this duty.

The advantages of center column lighting

The Nutritower patented lighting system insures even distribution of light to all plants. This provides a maximum yield for all 32 pots in the system with a monthly eletricity cost of around

Ultra low power consumptioThe original patented Indoor Hydroponic Vertical Gardening system designed to grow vegetables, lettuce, herbs, fruits and veggies indoors with integrated lights.

The Nutritower saves you money today while paying for itself tomorrow.

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