This holiday season we are in a giving mood.

With your purchase of a Nutritower get a year supply of Nutritonic A + B Hydroponic Growing Formula and the Green Tree trio to promote better plant health.

12 months of Nutritonic A+B nutrient formula

Our Nutritonic A + B Hydroponic Growing Formula is a customized mineral nutrient blend for use in the Nutritower indoor vertical hydroponic garden.

It can also be used in any hydroponic system as a superior nutrient cycle for all vegetative growth.

The Green Tree Trio

Greentree plant solutions offers
an array of natural care products for
your indoor and outdoor gardening
needs. Each product is specifically
designed to help improve the health,
vitality and nutritional value of the
food you grow.

All of our products are composed
of natural plant extracts and are
completely bio-degradable. Our
products contain no carcinogenic
chemicals and are not hazardous
to human health or do anything to
negatively impact the environment.

Take advantage of this Holiday Special while it lasts

All Nutritower sales that we process from December 12th 2021 to Jarnurary 2 2022 will automatically include the holiday gift.