Our proven hydroponic technology helps plants grow 25% faster than conventional methods.

That means your tower yields enough for you to harvest something every week of the year.

How long does it take to grow food?

This depends on a few things. First of all, lettuce will be harvested much faster than tomatoes – 25 to35 days versus 75 to 100 days. A little less obvious is that most cultivars are bred for different things.There are types of lettuce, for example, that are bred specifically for something like the Nutritower and can make a difference in yielding a crop in 25 days vs 60 days. We are constantly testing out new varieties for you to experiment with to help you maximize your yields.

How to get the most out of your Nutritower.

The best gift you can give your plants is: consistency. Big shifts in temperature, watering, air quality or light can harm their growth. Keeping your plants as stress-free as possible is the best way to ensure great outcomes.

I’m leaving on vacation, will my plants survive?

Your plants can survive in the Nutritower for up to 10days without any attendance. We recommend youset the timer for the watering mechanism to run forabout a minute every 4 hours and set the night timefunction to turn the watering off while the lights areoff. If you are leaving for longer, it may be a goodidea to simply have someone come and top up thereservoir with fresh water.

How long does the Nutritower take to set up?

Set-up time for the Nutritower will vary from user to user, but generally takes about 1.5 hours. It is best accomplished with a partner and is about as hard assembling a piece of Ikea furniture. We’ve prepared a range of tutorial videos on our Youtube channel that’ll help you figure out what to do every step of the way.

Can I communicate with other Nutritower customers?

Our customers learn from each other every single day! Join our growers group, whether you are a Nutritower customer or not, to experience this passion yourself.

The Nutritower Growers group

How much water does the reservoir hold?

The Reservoir Holds 3.5 gallons / 13.2 litres of solution. The frequency of fill rate and nutrient replacement will depend on multiple factors such as plant size and quantity, ambient temperature and watering frequency.

How often do I need to change the water?

Water management is a very important part of the health and functionality of any hydroponic garden - It will have a direct impact on the growth rate and health of your plants.

What to do if my tower is dripping from a pot?

If you notice an accumulation of water in and around your tower and you have already checked that the tubes in the base are properly in place, chances are it a pot that is overflowing during a watering cycle. This can be hard to catch as it will only occur during feeding periods and it may not occur at each watering cycle. 

What is the weekly maintenance for my Nutritower?

Weekly maintenance should take 10 to 20 minutes

What is the quarterly maintenance on my Nutritower?

Quarterly – 1 to 2 hours

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