Feedback from your Growers

Definitely worth it, but realize we are privileged. Don’t have to worry about the romaine recalls and fresh greens whenever we want.

Ali.S Canada

I bought a head of lettuce for 7$ when I was reloading the tower I do think it pays for itself but does require some work.

Tanner H. Canada

When you go the grocery, if you want basil, you grab basil. With the Nutritower, sometimes I have 3 different type of basil (Genovese, big leaf, purple, lemon or Thai). This is something that you can't put a price on

Guillaume W. Country buyers

So amazing I bought two..!! The food smells so good growing and tastes way better than anything you get from a store.

Sandee A.

Product image for Advanced Germination Kit Advanced Germination Kit We love our nutritower, we have been able to grow many fresh herbs and lettuces!

Dallas. G

Yes!!! Both in financial by providing us with daily fresh greens and mental health by creating a great hobby.

Brent C. Country buyers
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The Nutritower can pay for itself in less than 14 months.

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