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Nutritower Vertical Hydroponic Indoor Garden

The Nutritower is a vertical hydroponic gardening system that allows you to grow an entire indoor garden in a small space. The center column lighting allows for a full light exposure and the center column lights promote robust growth.


Get free shipping when you bundle up the Nutritower with the Dolly and advanced germination kit. Details below.


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Height: 5.7 Feet

Width: 2 Feet

Pots: 4 inches wide

The Nutritower comes with everything you need to get started. Learn more

The Nutritower is dishwasher friendly and includes everything you need to get started.

4 x 48" T5 Fluorescent lights

32 growing pots 32 filters

32 grow baskets

32 basket clips

Lenght of feeder tubing

2 analogue timers

Growing medium

Six months supply of Nutrients

Seedling starter kit

Assembly tools 

Dolly and seeds sold separately


The Nutritower 

was designed with your monthly utility bill in mind. Clocking in at just 200 W, it's ultra-efficient lights and pump will lead to plentiful produce for roughly $10 of electricity a month.

Depending on your province the cost will change.

NF. land: 19.87$

P.E.I: 25$

Nova Scotia: 24.62$

New Brunswick: 18.14$

Quebec: 10.52$

Ontario: 18.72$

Manitoba: 14,25$

Saskatchewan: 26$

Alberta: 23.9$

BC: 18.14$

Northwest Territories: 55$

Nunavut: 54$

Yukon: 25.92$

Soil Free

Built upon proven hydroponic technology, the Nutritower is entirely soil-free. Your seedlings take root in our custom-designed pots that are filled with clay pellets. They’re then automatically watered by our watering system that ensures optimal moisture and nutrients in root zones. This helps them grow up to 25% faster, all while keeping your kitchen completely mess-free.

beneficial lighting

12h a day is all your plants need, but you may find yourself craving more. Proven to boost mood, our tower’s full-spectrum white lights have all the uplifting effects of the sun without the UV. 

Why should I buy the bundle?

Free shipping

The cost of shipping the Nutritower can be as high as 300$.

The Dolly

Having your Nutritower be portable makes it much easier to move and rotate.

The Advanced Germination Kit

Having a germination station with an LED light strip will guarantee you a higher success rate with your seedlings.