Manda Harvest - Organic Fermented Fertilizer

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Manda Harvest is an organic fermented fertilizer that provides the natural bacteria that live in plant roots with micronutrients. When used in combination with our A/B formula, the important bacteria are supported to boost nutrient exchange at the root level which promotes growth, stress tolerance, plant quality, and increases yield.  

Manda Harvest is made of 41 kinds of botanical raw natural ingredients - ripe fruit, bountiful grains, edible algae from the sea, and vegetables with nutrients from the soil.

With over 380 years of experience in fermentation, the creators of Manda Harvest, the Matsuura family, are focused on creating supplements. (Kakokusousai) undergo long-term fermentation and maturation so a potent fertilizer can be condensed into each drop.  A little Manda goes a long way!

Follow dosing instructions to add Manda to your water reservoir or germination tray.  See the difference Manda makes for your harvest.

1ml of Manda per 10L of water( 10L equivalent to the Nutritower reservoir)