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It is our goal to provide advanced learning opportunities equitably throughout Canadian communities. Our 'blank canvas' approach allows different organizations to lead their mission while Nutritower remains a technology provider and support resource.

We partner with various organizations whose missions intersect with food, sustainable communities, environmental stewardship, education, and building healthy, life-long relationships with food.

EcoSchools Canada

Bring gardening inside your classroom for hands-on, year-round learning about plants, food, and nutrition and connect it to the EcoSchools Indoor Gardening & Greenhouses action for one.

Explore many curriculum connections as part of the included comprehensive pedagogical package, complete with lesson plans, a reading list, and an introductory workshop for teachers.

Get all of the necessary tools and resources teachers need to easily get growing and earn points towards EcoSchools certification.

Indigenous Solutions

Is a non-for-profit organization whose mandate is to provide tailored solutions that offer fundamental self-reliance and lasting change for generations. This is accomplished through individualized internship programs that co-explore technologies, practices and tools, in coordination with Elders and traditional experts.

By collaborating with others, we achieve improvements in socio-emotional wellness, self empowerment, as well as entrepreneurial and educational opportunities. Our long-term solutions positively impact the participants involved, their families, communities and the environment as a whole, and hopefully for many generations to come.

Indigenous solutions- Nutritower

Indigenous Solutions & Nutritower's Pilot Project

Trauma, Healing, Knowledge, Restoration.

By piloting this unique, traditionally focused, bilingual (English and Ojibway) project, the 'Three Sisters Seed to Plate Program' delivers a culturally-appropriate food-literacy program.

The ability to grow and consume fresh food is an experience that erodes with every new decade. Daily practices in gardening allow participants to gain the skills to grow and nurture in different environments both indoor and outdoors - it helps rebuild abilities that are lost due to trauma or even prolonged periods of isolation.

As these skills increase, they sustain one’s health and wellness, promoting trauma-healing and the integration of positive behaviors.

The Geordie Theatre

Geordie Theatre provokes thought, fires up the imagination, and seeks to encourage and challenge our audience. We celebrate the art of theatre and its social and global impact by working with emerging and established artists from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds to create works that are provocative, relevant and enchanting; inspiring dialogue between communities, children and parents as well as teachers and students of all ages. We look to build relationships with and extend our audience through inclusive practices and by visiting far-reaching communities in Quebec and abroad.

Geordie Theatre logo

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