The Nutritower was designed with your monthly utility bill in mind.

Clocking in at just 200 W, it's ultra-efficient lights and pump will lead to plentiful produce for roughly $12 of electricity a month.

kWh: definition and calculation method

To calculate the consumption of a device, multiply its power by the number of hours of use. Then, divide the result by 1,000 to obtain the consumption in kWh.

Depending on your province the cost will change.

Kwh in $

Quebec: 10.52$

Manitoba: 14,25$

New Brunswick: 18.14$

Ontario: 18.72$

BC: 18.14$

N.F.L: 19.87$

Alberta: 23.9$

Nova Scotia: 24.62$

P.E.I: 25$

Yukon: 25.92$

Saskatchewan: 26$

Nunavut: 54$

Northwest Territories: 55$