Botanium Planter


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Enjoy growing herbs without effort. Botanium takes care of the plant for you, thanks to automated, soil-free growing.

 Includes: Botanium, growing medium, pipette bottle with liquid nutrients, user guide, USB wall plug

Usage: Indoor use only.

Additional Information

No soil - no dirt and no soil-borne bugs.

Built-in water tank that lasts for weeks (convenient when traveling)Automatic watering, so you don't need to think how much or when to water.

Hydroponic technology that grows more productive plants - and quicker.

Grow anything from seed to harvest (herbs, chili peppers, tomatoes and much more)

Minimalistic, elegant Scandinavian design that fits in your home

Package Contents

PlanterGrowing MediumPipette Bottle with liquid nutrientsUser GuideUSB wall Plug