The Vertical Hydroponic Garden made for maximum yield

The Nutritower uses less water, space and energy than traditional growing methods.

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

An investment that goes a long way.

The Nutritower can pay for itself in less than 14 months.

Nutritower Vertical Hydroponic Indoor Garden
Nutritower Vertical Hydroponic Indoor Garden

A garden that fits any home

At just over 5.7 feet tall and 2 feet wide, the Nutritower produces plentiful food in less space than a fridge.

  • Our Nutritower has allowed us to enjoy fresh greens every day without visiting a grocery store. Really fantastic. Here's to healthy eating when our immune systems need all the help they can get!
  • We love the Nutritower at our office! Except from fresh, healthy food for all colleagues, the daylight combined with the green growth makes you very happy.
  • With the sun getting up late and going down earlier not only our veggies are benefiting from this inside light, we too are appreciating the tower lights.
  • I love gardening when it’s dark and snowy out.... definitely helping shake off those “winter blues”
  • Kathy C. Montreal
  • Linda S. Sweden
  • Cindy D. Quebec
  • Patrick M. Toronto

Become food autonomous

What can I grow in the Nutritower?

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